Web Design Services

Web Design Services by One Take Media.

Located in St. Clair Michigan, we provide:

Our web design services are for everyone, for businesses, organizations and personal projects. We provide timely, affordable, and effective results in all that we do.

Our process are simple 4 steps:

  1. Discuss your web design needs with us – Contact us, we will talk about your goals and needs and put together a project outline
  2. Gather and organize your content – The next and most important step in building you website is to gather and organize your content. Think through what information you want to present to your visitors. What information is most critical? What pieces of information are secondary? Typically when starting a website it is best to focus on the essential information you want to communicate to your visitors. Then, over time, add additional pages and information. You also get the added bonus of keeping the content on your site fresh which Google and other search engines value in their rankings.
  3. Think about your design – think of your product, does it have any visually interesting features? Do you have a service rather than a product? We strongly recommend looking at other sites that are in your market, pick out visual aspects are compelling to you, bring us as many examples as you can think of, we will do the same. This kind of joint collaboration creates the best sites. From this information we will go to work.
  4. Start the project – By this step we will have have several conversations, a project outline as been agreed on and we are both ready and comfortable to begin building your website. We will setup your site based on the design we have worked up and will then add your content and navigation. After review we will make changes you request and then activate your site for the world to see.

We are ready to help you make your website a reality or to remodel your current one.

We have many web design options available: Custom (from scratch only) designs, Semi-Custom (based on a pre-built template and customized to your needs), pre-built templates.

Contact us at 810-294-0028 or [email protected].