ProStores IMAP Email Down – Email Back Up

6:36pm **UPDATE** IMAP Service Restored.

Valued ProStores Merchants –

Here is a summary of the e-mail issue experienced this weekend.

The event started at 11am on Saturday due to an issue with the e-mail database. Full e-mail functionality was restored at 10pm on Sunday. Based on our research and review of the logs, there is no indication that e-mails were lost in the process.

Here is more detailed information on the general functionality of e-mail systems as it relates to this particular event.

When an e-mail server attempts to deliver e-mail and the destination server does not respond in a timely manner, the sending e-mail server will defer the delivery of the e-mail. In general, e-mail that is not able to be delivered is placed in a queue and the sending server will retry a number of times at increasing time intervals until the message has reached the maximum retry count. This is often 48 hours after the initial attempt to deliver is unsuccessful and on some e-mail servers it is after 3 days.

In the case from this weekend, in the course of resolving the e-mail database issue, our e-mail database maintenance process caused a backlog of e-mail, which was then processed on Sunday evening once full functionality was restored. We saw a substantial volume of inbound mail being processed once the maintenance was completed.

The outbound e-mail server was not impacted by this event. Your outbound store notifications and other outbound e-mails should were processed and delivered as expected.

We appreciate your business and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Our tech team worked diligently through the weekend to resolve the issue as quickly as possible – and did so in a way that should ensure no e-mails were lost in the process.


Lin Shearer
Group Manager, ProStores

**UPDATE** 36 hours later since the start of the ProStores IMAP email outage and still no offical word from ProStores via their Twitter, Facebook, or Forum accounts.

From :

“Technical Support is aware of the IMAP outage. Approximately 2pm EDT on Saturday, March 17, 2012, this issue was reported to the engineers and they have been working on resolving the matter. All ProStores short names are being compiled into a single Incident number at this time. If you have not already reported the situation as affecting your ProStores account, please be sure to place the following in the subject line of your webticket:

IMAP Connection Error – INC267603

This will notify our Technical Support Agents of the known issue. Unfortunately, at the time of my post, we have not received an ETA or cause of the outage. Please continue to check back with the discussion boards as updates will be provided as available.

***Note: This is not an official release notice. This is merely a notification to ensure our merchants are informed of the situation. When an official release is made, one of the Senior Staff members will make an official notification regarding the outage.”